About the artist: KEITH STEWART

I studied at Bournville College of Arts & Crafts (1970’s) and at Stourbridge College of Art (1990’s) – I live and work in Birmingham UK.

I prefer a mixed media technique, which I call ‘Assemblage’. This is a 3D or ‘shallow relief’ technique that combines many disciplines to produce a rich textural surface that is further enriched by colourisation using diverse painting styles.

I have over the past few years become a fan of the author, Terry Pratchett, especially his Discworld novels. They provide a fantastic wealth of imagery that I feel lends itself to my style. I have produced many pieces that bring the Discworld to life visually for many of Terry’s fans.

By following the links on this page you can see my photo galleries on Picasa, which show a cross section of my art in various media and check out my early forays into video production on You Tube.

In my video diary series, ARTISTinPROGRESS you can follow the construction of one of my major Assemblages, “The Glorious 25th May” which is inspired by the Discworld book, “Nightwatch”

If you have any Questions, you can post a comment here on this Blog or Email me at negotiable.affections@gmail.com

[Discworld® is a trademark registered by Terry Pratchett]


Inspired by 'Night Watch' by Terry Pratchett


From 'Soul Music' by Terry Pratchett

Thursday, 19 April 2012

DWCon Art EXHIBITION @ the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham

High everyone, if youre interested in showing work at the
Discworld Convention 2012
24th-27th August 2012
Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham

Then you need to follow the newsletter @ http://www.dwcon.org/news/2012/04/13/news-disc-4

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